At present, the company has paint company
emulsioni paint companies, domestic outfit paint, industrial paint, resin emulsion company, engineering company and sales company
Low carbon economy is the world's new rules
Low carbon economy in the world today is the topic of a storm. It seems to be a technical problem, or economic development model, but low carbon economic background
Trisodium phosphate

Trisodium phosphate
Points son type: Na3PO4. NH20
Knitting number: 7601-54-9

Agms adipic acid device first half to drive
chau's largest adipic acid manufacturers, after a month of preventive maintenance, the company intends to make the miyazaki prefecture delay because of 120000 tons/year adipic acid device on June first half to drive.

Acetate market review
* * * * negotiations in 5950-6050 yuan/ton near, * * * * area negotiations in 6100-6200 yuan/ton near, * * * * area negotiations in 5900-6000 yuan/ton nearby; At present the downstream users remain low purchasing
Chain scavenger

Chain scavenger
This product can be in a short time in the seal bags of oxygen to below 0.1%
Cream of tartar

Cream of tartar
Chemical formula: KC4H5O6
Character: usually colorless to white orthorhombic